Most people have a relationship with technology, and like any relationship, it can be awesome, confusing or really hard depending on the day. So, technology is awesome when Oregon is doing its brooding, stormy, cold thing,  and you can tuck yourself into the couch and hibernate with Netflix. Delightfully sunny, bird chirpy Oregon day? Netflix with the window open (yup, we've all been there). Don’t know the name of the important person who did that thing you need to know about suddenly? That’s what Google was made for! Have a stomach ache? WebMD will confirm your worst fears, but then you’ll read a post on an obscure blog written by renowned medical expert CrazySquirrel986 that clearly says there is absolutely nothing to worry about, so you go to bed and rest easy.

Thanks, Internet.

Sometimes technology is confusing though, right? There are things we didn’t go looking for that we can’t un-see. Or the nagging feeling that our lives are boring compared to the happy looking people in the pictures who seem to have it all together. So then we post a witty tweet here or a pretty photo there. What happens when we start getting jealous of...ourselves? Thinking, “I wish my life was as good as other people think it is.”

And then there are the downright hard parts about this whole technology thing. The loneliness of being surrounded by other people who are on their on their devices, head down, totally on another planet. Or work seeping into our home life as the phone pings with each incoming email. Or filtering through so many profiles on the dating apps that you are confused about how your could possibly choose just one person, or if you even want to. Or handing your kid a tablet in the grocery line and hoping nobody judges you for doing what you need to do to get through an errand. Or the background noise you try to tune out, but the quiet moments seem to amplify, “Who was I before I used technology this much? What did I used to do? What do I want? Is this what it's like for other people, or is it just me? Am I doing enough? Am I enough?”

These are just some of the questions I am interested in helping clients explore. We have all struggled through experiences that left us feeling out of control and overwhelmed; short lived or long term, none of us need go it alone.