It is difficult to talk about uncomfortable emotions without also discussing the the ways in which we seek to manage them. Many people endorse using technology to elevate their mood, quiet their thoughts, relax, or connect; but the benefits associated with technology often come with unintended consequences that can impact our physical, emotional and relational health. Do any of the following fit for you or a loved one?

  • Difficulty setting or maintaining limits on screen use

  • Pervasive sense of boredom or irritability offline

  • Increased dependence on texts, social media and emails to mediate communication

  • Relationships that feel empty, lonely or distant

  • Diminished sense of purpose or meaningful contribution

I work with clients to engage mindfully with technology, improve emotion regulation, build skills to address symptoms of anxiety and depression, define sustainable boundaries, optimize communication for connection and deepen intimacy between partners. Through insight based action, clients can expect to make measurable progress toward meaningful goals.

Work | Life 

Americans are increasingly responding to email after hours, telecommuting, and working on the weekend (Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2016).  The 'always-on' work culture trains our mind and body to adapt to circumstances in which a heightened state of reactivity becomes a default setting. There are many benefits that advanced technology provides and specific challenges that impact the employee and those around them. Some of the challenges include:

  • Long and/or unpredictable work hours

  • High expectations for productivity

  • Pressure to reduce response time for calls, texts, emails

Which can all lead to chronic stress:

  • Physical Effects | Headaches, muscle tension, changes in appetite or sleep, unusual weight gain or weight loss, acid reflux, high-blood pressure, GI distress, joint pain

  • Emotional Effects | Irritability, loneliness, numbness, excessive guilt, worry, sadness

  • Relational Effects | Increased conflict, decreased intimacy, disrupted parenting, increased use of technology to mediate communication, difficulty engaging with emotions due to the expectation of interruptions

My therapy services can be customized for individuals, couples and families who want support from a therapist who understands how our modern work culture can impact your health and relationships.